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Our long-time customers can vouch for this claim. Because, it’s not a claim, rather the fact that NSS Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai is nourishing for 6 long years and more.


Dell Laptops are one of the three most reliable and favored brands in India having a 25.9% market share in 2020 in this country. Especially for professional and business purposes, Dell laptops have conquered the maximum trust in the Indian consumer market. According to IDC, the 2020 Server PC market in this country has crowned Dell as the top vendor with 36% of the market share. The high-tech solutions on both the hardware and software fields make Dell the one-stop-shop for both the business empire and high-end household requirements in India. 

Thus, we know how valuable and important your Dell laptop is in your life. And being the most trusted Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai, we handle your dream device like our own. If your laptop is precious to you, you must trust the Highest Professional Dexterity to take care of it. 

Also, time is Irreplaceable. And we value it with Utmost Priority. Thus, our DOORSTEP PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE is offered to our customers to Honour their invaluable commodity of time.

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Searching for a professional Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai? And, Dell Laptop Support in Mumbai? Yes. We are your guy. We are the One-Stop-Shop for All Your Dell Laptop Woes.

Yes, we are not only a Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai, but we know how to satisfy our customers with full tech support and DIY Suggestions on how to maintain their Dell laptops and inject more life juice into those devices. Chat with us, and we will proffer you with crucial tips on how to solve your laptop problems. If it doesn’t work, we will reach out to you and provide every Dell laptop repair solution you can ask for. We invite you to join the same Satisfactory Group we have built throughout Mumbai.

Services We Provide as Dell Onsite Support in Mumbai

We have a full-service facility to provide Dell Laptop Supports at your office and home anywhere in Mumbai to ensure proper service and fastest delivery. Our expert technicians are well-trained and highly experienced in every aspect of Laptop Repair from All Brands. 

We are well-experienced to Handle Any of the following Dell Laptop repairing problems

Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair or Replacement

The motherboard is like the heart of a computer or laptop, pumping electrical signals throughout the device. It’s the main PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of a laptop or any computer, which houses the CPU and the other basic components in your device. Therefore, a motherboard failure can leave you with a dead laptop or may cause many unexpected consequences. You can always contact the Dell Service Center, but they suggest a replacement in most cases, whatever the problem it is. This situation may lead you to excess expenditure of time and money if you are out of warranty. Also, you may have to wait for some laptop-less days. 

Sometimes, the problem is not even the motherboard. And you may even fix some of them with a little help. Most people coming to our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai become surprised when we show them the real problem. Remember, if you are not sure, or a newbie in laptop repairing, one wrong step may lead you to the worst condition you were before.

Here is a bit of simple advice, try our DIY tips to understand the actual problem and, if possible, fix it. The common red alerts for motherboard malfunctioning are:

  • The power is on, but the display shows nothing.
  • The machine locks up suddenly.
  • The laptop starts rebooting all of a sudden or the reboot happens several times.
  • The screen shows Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) with an error message in Windows-based laptops. It can happen once or twice in some cases.
  • One or more beep noises.
  • The memory module or some expansion slots, and you can experience the failure of some ports.

Although these signs can also mean the hard drive failure or something else, they should immediately be taken care of. Otherwise, these issues can become more serious with time. Here is a caution, poking or prodding the motherboard to hard reset the system is strictly prohibited while the laptop is running. In modern laptops, a common issue is capacitors or transistors burning or a chipped circuit board. In that case, you may smell the smoke out of the blue. Turn your laptop off instantly when it happens. Our experienced team in Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai always ask the users to check some things:

  • Remove the CMOS battery to see if the laptop runs okay now
  • Check the settings in BIOS/UEFI
  • Try to troubleshoot in your OS to see the status of every component
  • Note down the error message if it appears
  • Check if the power supply is reaching to your motherboard or not
  • Reboot the device after removing external hardware
  • Change the current power socket to see what happens
  • Remove the graphics card and connect the video cable directly to know if the GPU is to blame
  • Are the fans working well
  • Is the temperature of the device normal or at least not exceptionally hot
  • Remove alternative RAM sticks if you have more than one of them and then try running the laptop

If your motherboard has a manufacturing defect, it should surface more or less after 100 hours of usage. In that case, replacement is a good way to go under warranty. If you are in a hurry and need a quick fix, you can always visit our Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai near you. Hesitant? First, talk to us or press the button to get a Call Back from us. Our professional experts will do their best to repair it. If the fix is not possible, you can get your laptop back in the Same Day Delivery with a Replacement Board. If we can’t, we promise not to keep you waiting with an Honest Surrender.

Dell Laptop Screen Replacement or Repair

Laptop Screen troubles are always a burning factor among consumers. Most screen problems are not even caused because of the screen itself but some hardware malfunction in reality. Check our blog on the laptop repair screen cost with DIY tips to understand the exact problem.


Most modern Dell laptops come equipped with Paper-thin LED or normal LCD screens. Touchscreens are a more complex build for you to try anything on your own. If you are unsure of what happened to your Dell laptop display, get a call from our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai and we will fix it or replace a perfect fit for your laptop within One Hour. 


Other factors interrupting your productivity can come from Dell Laptop Screen Backlight Woes, Display Cable failure, or the inverter failure in Dell Laptop CCFL Display. We offer a flexible package of Dell Laptop Support in Mumbai to cover all these culprits preventing your screen for functioning properly.

Dell Laptop Hinges Repair or Replacement

Excessive usage can loosen up any laptop hinge at their old age. Also, picking up the laptop casually by the lid or opening it beyond a specific angle can break or damage the hinge screws. Some accidental falls do the same, but in this case, it’s very likely to have other broken laptop parts along with it. 


These days, laptop hinges are not always screwed with the chassis but glued in many ways. That’s why it became complex for an amateur to repair or replace the hinges. Since the hinges are anchored with the lid and the chassis, you may damage one of them due to lack of experience. Moreover, Dell uses different hinges than other manufacturers and also the types vary model to model. So you need a perfect match for your model to make it work as before. But if you leave it in expert hands, it’s just a Half-an-Hour job for our trained team members in the Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai.

Dell Laptop Keyboard and Trackpad Repair or Replacement

If you have spilled some sticky liquid accidentally on your laptop, it is possible for some keys to get stuck and become non-responsive. Long-term usage can also weather the sensitivity of some keys or even the trackpad. Or the problem is that one or two keys popped off the board and you don’t know how to attach them again. 

You may try to detach sticky keys using a pin or attach the ones popped out of the board, but it depends on how experienced you are in this field. Remember, the motherboard lies right under the keyboard. Hence if anything goes wrong, you may increase your trouble even more and end up losing a considerable amount of money on the repair. If you are not confident enough, it’s better to leave this tiny issue on our professional team in Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai to get your laptop fixed within 1-2 Hours. Again, if it’s a Keyboard Backlight problem, we are ready to fix that too for you.

Dell Laptop Battery Repair or Replacement

Dell laptops are made with cutting-edge hardware components to manage heavy-duty performance for day long. It’s obvious that the Dell battery life does not last long, around 2 years you can expect. So, when your laptop battery groans, meaning unable to hold the charge for long or even do not charge at all, it is possible that you need a replacement. It’s better to keep track of your battery health before the laptop dies on you in a rush hour. Your OS may warn you with a red ‘X’ sign on the battery icon in the tools tray. If not, there is free software to tell you the same.

Let’s chat over the issue you are experiencing. Sometimes, these problems arise due to the adapter cable or the charging port damage. If you don’t understand what is going on, permit our expert engineers in Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai to take a peek on that. It’s a simple job which can be done within Hours most. The cost is also affordable by all. Check more on our laptop repair cost page.

Dell Laptop Adapter and DC Jack Repair or Replacement

A damaged AC adapter or a broken DC jack can end the power supply on your laptop. And after the running battery cycle, your laptop will shut down leaving you with no other choice. When you see such a case, immediately call our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai so that we can make your laptop run within an hour and at a surprisingly low cost of Rs. 500 only. 

If you can’t find our number, run a random search for Dell Laptop Repair Shop Near Me in Mumbai or Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai near me and someone from our nearest storefront to you reaches at your doorstep immediately.

Dell Laptop Fan Repair or Replacement

Are you experiencing overheating laptops more than ever? You may need a dust cleaning procedure on the laptop fan. Weird noises can indicate a fan blade problem. It’s an easy job for the members in our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai and will be done within an hour and a charge of Rs. 500 lowest.

Dell Laptop Body Repair or Fabrication

Dell laptops are sturdy beasts. Still, everything can break and so as your Dell laptop. Our master engineers in Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai can replace or repair the broken parts in the laptop chassis to fabricate it as good as a new one. The price starts only at Rs.800.

Dell Laptop Speaker Repair or Replacement

Laptop speakers trouble? It’s common. The technicians in Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai fixes them at Rs. 500 or a bit more for special replacement.

Dell Laptop Camera Repair or Replacement

A physically damaged camera needs a replacement and Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai charges the cheapest price possible in Mumbai. For a driver issue, software trouble, or for OS-related matters, please let the professionals deal with it and they will surely provide a good solution for you.

Dell Laptop Liquid Damage Control

For such expensive and sensitive laptops, the liquid is the biggest enemy of all time. In any way, if you happen to have poured liquid on it, power off the machine immediately and drain all the liquid from a corner, as much as possible. Then keep your laptop aside for a while to dry up. 

A strong lamp targeted towards the keyboard or sunlight is a good option to evaporate the liquid already gone inside. The key sides are the loopholes for the liquid to reach the motherboard just under the keypad. If it’s just water, it will come out and vaporize easily. Sticky liquids are the ones causing more problems than that.

After you dry it up, sometimes for a couple of days, recharge it fully, then try to power on. If it doesn’t show any activity or has a glitchy performance, our old hands in Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai will take care of that.

Dell Laptop Optical Drive Repair or Replacement

Have you tried to open the drive slot with a pin after it got stuck? If it doesn’t work or if it is broken somehow, the Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai will take very little time to replace or repair it. If the slot is not recognizing any external DVD, it can be software trouble, and we can enlighten you only after we get to test that device.

Dell Laptop Booting Problem

Booting in another drive without the hard disk or not booting at all can be caused by hard drive failure or motherboard problems. Corrupted software can affect similarly as well. Talk to our customer service executives to get help on troubleshooting the proper cause of the condition you are facing. Any error message is a crucial factor to tell us the right reason. If it can’t be sorted this way, the professional hands in our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai will diagnose the ailing laptop for you and ask your consent to serve the same.

Data Recovery from Your Dell Laptops

This service becomes complicated at its highest level of data recovery from a completely distorted hard drive. The basic level requires the simple data transfer tasks and then reaches up to RAID recovery or similar at its highest. The complex parts may take a couple of days to finish, but our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai team is well-experienced in all kinds of services in this field as well.

Virus Removal and Firewall or Anti-Malware Installation in Your Dell Laptop

Viruses and Malware are common threats in the modern technology-dependent world. Even the people who enter the internet empire only occasionally or not at all, are not liberated totally from the smartest hacking attacks. These threats can disrupt all your programs and shut your device down along with getting control over all your confidential data. 


Anti-virus and anti-malware services can save you from most of the ordinary threats. But the hacking community always stays one-step-ahead and can break through your protective layer. If your laptop is acting weird, search the Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai near me page for NSS laptop repair and we will clean up the mess. We always take a backup before we reset your laptop, still, it is recommended for you to take your own backup in hand.

Installation of Operating System in Your Dell Laptop

For older people or any non-tech-savvy person, the installation of a different operating system or formatting the current one is no joke. Our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai professionals can do it in front of you and even show you easy DIY tips at your office cabin or your house. Although we take a backup of all devices before starting any service, you must have your own as well.

Removing Password From Your Dell Laptop

Often in second-hand laptops, the previous owner used to forget removing the password? Or is it your old model you forgot the password of? The team in Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai is quite familiar with lifting the old password for you.

Dell Laptop RAM and SSD Upgrade

The RAM and SSD upgrade or any repair service in our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai is charged with the lowest possible service cost of Rs. 200. The added value goes to the purchasing cost of the extra hardware you are implementing.

We Fix All Dell Laptop Series Problems

  • Dell Inspiron

  • Dell Inspiron Mini

  • Dell Vostro

  • Dell Latitude

  • Dell Studio

  • Dell XPS

  • Dell Alienware

  • Dell G Series

  • Dell Adamo

Has your Dell laptop met with a recent accident?

Well had it been a year ago or two, you would probably have to do a lot of running around. But now, our Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai is here to make your day a little stress free. Without getting into much of the infamous Mumbai traffic you can get your laptop fixed in the neighborhood.

Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai Service Descriptions

The laptop has been a very important device in our daily life. Most of the organizations are hugely dependent on it and we value its importance. Thus. to save your productive time, our laptop repair center has implemented various services.

We have plentiful Dell repair centers available in the Mumbai region to cater to the requirements of the customers. And our professional team in each center addresses a plethora of software issues and an all-encompassing range of services within a blade of time. 

Our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai is quite capable of offering a legion of service packages across the city with monthly and yearly subscriptions covering all your laptop problems for single or multiple devices. If you are a professional in the fashion or entertainment field, your laptop carries the very life essence with all your lifetime creations and presentations. And you travel a lot with your device all day long. Thus, having a monthly check-up can prevent your device from failing you at the most unexpected moments. Let us surprise you with our extraordinary price packages for multiple services.

For Business Entrepreneurs and Small Business Enthusiasts, our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai offers the Best Support throughout the Year under a very decent price package. Leave your worries upon us and only focus on your Business Acumen to Grow Better. All of your devices will be covered by White-label Solutions 24✕7 throughout the Subscription Packages. You can also opt for Monthly or Yearly Support Service Packages for Household purposes as well.

Why Choose NSS as your Personal Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai?

  • We Value Each of our Customers With Exactly The Same Good Care
  • Our Price Structure is Phenomenal, Starting Only At Rs.200 For Simple Diagnostics 
  • 30-day Warranty is the least We Offer For Each of Our Maintenance Services
  • Contact Us, And At Least One of Our Members Will Attain Your Service Right Away. We Don’t Keep Our Customers Waiting
  • We Only Take A Responsibility When We Can Deliver Your Service On Time 
  • Our 24✕7 DoorStep Service Competes To Amaze You The Most
  • We start a service after backing up all your data so that you don’t lose any important information in your laptop
  • Our Customer Service Executives are Always Available to Answer your Queries 7 Days a Week
  • We Sell Authentic and Durable Products for Laptop Components Replacements
  • Our Team has Acquired 6+ Years Of Professional Experience
  • Our Purpose Is to Maintain The Best Customer Satisfaction in Mumbai. We are More Concerned to Earn A Better Resource Than Money – Your Smile Of Relief.
  • Well-trained Engineers and Properly Taught Technical Assistances Work And Learn in a Friendly Environment. We Learn From All Our Mistakes.
  • We Welcome Your Feedback And Suggestions with Extreme Sincerity. Our focus is on word-of-mouth recognition more than anything else.
  • We are Proud to Maintain a Cooperative and Customer-Friendly Family For This Long, Customers Included.
  • We are Authorised by ISO Certification.

About NSS Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai

Laptop Repair Quality Spare
Quality Guaranteed
Laptop Repair Supoort Team

Our Motto is To Nourish The Environment and Not The E-waste

Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai Welcomes You To Participate

Let’s don’t add more to the e-waste or at least try to keep it minimum. Everything dies for sure, but it may strike you with a jolt when you realize how long things can live under good care. Our Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai serves more than fixing. If a laptop can’t be fixed, we offer you durable replacement parts under a remarkable price bracket. Moreover, we Buy and Recycle unusable products. We can also offer you Custom built laptops to fulfill all your requirements in one single device.

Another service chain in our Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai is a Refurbished Dell Laptop Shop in Mumbai Near You. Yes, we add to your Bank and Mother Earth as well. We are not just any business, we are Responsible Business. If you don’t recognize us yet, simply search for Dell Laptop Repair Shop Near Me in Mumbai or Dell Laptop Repair Center in Mumbai Near Me and similar to see us knocking at your region. 

All of the workshops in our chain are also a Dell Laptop Parts and Accessories Seller. Hence, it’s easy for us to deliver you Instant Support on Replacing all the components of your laptop. Search also with Dell Repair in Mumbai Near Me, and we will pop up in front of your eyes. Our service chain in the Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai is snaking through the entire Mumbai as well as most of the other big cities in India. 

Our Repair business also Contributes to teaching young job-seekers several Course Curricula on How to Repair Any Regular Electronic Gadgets Used in Day-to-day Life and help them get placement. After all, we all carry the lamp of Social Duty to Eradicate Unemployment.

Frequently Asked question

Of Course! We do offer a 30-day warranty at the least for each of our laptop repair jobs in all of our storefronts under Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai.

Yes, we can. In most cases, we prioritize delivering all the required services on the very day you contact us and we don’t charge you extra for that. You can expect zero hidden charges in our quote. Only if it’s a very complex job, it can take more than a day to repair, you can say 3-4 days max. If we don’t have the available replacement parts for it, we ask your consent before we start. We also provide Dell onsite support in Mumbai, conducted in front of your eyes.

Then, we don’t charge you a penny and we don’t keep you waiting. Pay only after the job is done.

When you contact us, we give you a Free Quote based on your descriptions. That’s the first stage for you to take the leap. Then you can at least decide to come to us or send your device to us for diagnosis. You can send it through post or courier, or our pick-up service can reach to your doorstep to fetch it from you to the Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai near you. Up to that, you will be charged nothing at all. Then our professional team diagnoses the laptop and calls you to ask your permission with the total repair or replacement cost. For diagnosis and simple cleaning, the price is almost zero or minimal and it starts only at Rs.200. For a higher repair cost, we offer a discounted price based on other factors or may eliminate the diagnostic charge sometimes.

You can connect with us in many ways. Call us or press the button to get a call from our store. Or you can chat with our customer executives from any webpage to get a free quote after we suggest some DIY ways to understand the problem or even fix it without coming here. But if you are a non-tech-savvy person, it’s recommended to come to our Dell laptop repair center in Mumbai near you and understand the problem so far.

You can also find us by writing ‘Dell laptop repair in Mumbai near me’, ‘Dell laptop repair shop near me in Mumbai’, ‘Dell laptop support in Mumbai’, ‘Dell repair in Mumbai’ or similar in any search engine to get our contact details or address directions.

Yes! We do. Also, our talented and efficient engineers have been providing special in-house training courses to all our team members and leading them to repair all kinds of complex laptop issues within hours.

Whatever the problem you are facing right now, it is very likely that at least one of our members has experience of that already. Our goal is to provide the best service to all our customers and we welcome you to choose our laptop repair services to get the best experience ever. Always compare the other repair centers before deciding. Talk to us before coming here or sending your device to us. 

Also, we are not asking you to rely on our words only, rely on the customers we served. Ask around. Get feedback from our customers directly. Our Dell laptop rep[air center in Mumbai plans to gain the best word-of-mouth identification more than the other stuff. If you decide to come here, give us a chance and we are confident to turn your ‘Oh’ to an ‘Aha’ moment.

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Mayur Kadam
1 year ago

Today we replaced Dell P52F’s bottom base and cleaning also…

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