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Our claim of being the best laptop repair solution is absolutely based on the 100% positive feedback all of our branches including Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak have earned during the six long years of our journey. The simple things that keep us out of the crowd are the fastest responding process for any service request, integrity at all steps, transparent payment method, improving the systems continuously based on user requirements, maintaining friendly behavior all the times, and last but not least, updated and pragmatic knowledge on the work field and professional dexterity. You can search in any browser for the Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak near me, Asus laptop repair shop near me in Pushpak, Asus laptop repair in Pushpak near me or something else; you will be able to read the consumer reviews at the first page bearing the title for our Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak, or maybe some similar title of other branches surrounding Pushpak. Our operations are active everywhere in the Mumbai Metropolitan area and all the major cities in India. Our company has earned the trust from a large clientele in all the developed regions surrounding Pushpak and NAINA (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area), the entire Greenfield area and the Brownfield area covering South Navi Mumbai and also in North Navi Mumbai, Thane, and the Mumbai city. We are confident enough to serve in the same way in the Pushpak Nagar zone, the upcoming most prosperous smart city in this region.

Asus being one of the top-most laptop brands in India and the world offers a wide range of laptop models for different purposes. From rugged professional laptops for graphics designers, gamers, or coders to ordinary standard regular laptops or student laptops, all the technicians from our branches including Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak receive practical training on all kinds of devices on a daily basis. After finishing total training course packages and passing rigorous tests in all of our shops, including Asus laptop support in Pushpak center, we let our employees handle any customer’s laptop. That means, when you send your device to any of our stores such as the Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak, you don’t need to worry about your device as it becomes our sole responsibility to fix your machine at its best condition. We stop for nothing unless everyone is happy.

All of our branches together with Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak run the operations 24X7 services, 365 days of the year; and we will offer the same in Pushpak Nagar as well in the near future. Tell us when to reach your door, and you will find us right on time.

Whether it’s a local or national holiday, or just another weekend, all the branches including Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak works nonstop, every day of the year. Working hours are not limited at the office hours; you can get a service 24X7. Because who knows when your laptop dies on you suddenly. You don’t need to panic before the day of your project submission, or maybe a presentation day waiting for you with all your data inside your personal laptop. Contact us at the Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak quickly so that our technicians can reach your place and provide you with the best solution to save your day ahead. You can fill-up the form provided in our website at the given link below, or you can email us, or call or chat with us during the office hours between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and up to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Fix your timing for some other slot suitable for you, and we will send our technician just on time. Even if the office hours end, you can contact us personally for emergency services, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Since laptops are essential digital help for your work or studies, you must not ignore the regular check up on your laptop to keep it running correctly. Even after that, they can act weird or get you in trouble from time to time, after all these are all machines. In that case, we are always here to help. You may have heard about the home services or doorstep services from other solution providers as well, but what is different in all of our shops together with the Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak is that we don’t charge you extra for onsite services. Whether you come to our Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak store or any other workshop to fix your device in front of your eyes or you request a doorstep service at your home, hostel, or office, you will be paying the same charges mentioned here in the Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak page.

Asus repair in Pushpak actively operates everywhere in the greenfield area and surrounding. Ask from wherever you are, and you will be meeting us within half-an-hour.

Although Pushpak is in under-developed condition, along with the NAINA region, very soon, it is going to be a part of the most prosperous and environment-friendly smart city in the entire Navi Mumbai region, which is Pushpak Nagar. It is the last and largest plan CIDCO has initiated to build an all-facilitated development surrounding one of the largest airports in this country, the Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA), four times larger than the Mumbai International Airport. Navi Mumbai Airport Corporate Office in Ulwe is taking care of the project in this region.

While the construction is still at its basement level, many builders and other crucial businesses have already strengthened their foundation on this soil. Real estate and building firms like Pushpak Residential Building by Pushpak Residential Project, Balaji Group, Bhaveshwar Belleza, TES Calista Apartments, Calista by Uptown Spaces and other builders have already started the groundworks here in Pushpak, Sector 5, Dapoli, Karanjade, and surrounding areas. After all, the 2.9 sq km area of Pushpak Nagar, especially the east Pushpak area surrounding NMIA will be the prime location in Navi Mumbai or, more specifically, in the 75 sq km of Greenfield project in South Navi Mumbai. With all its megacity level infrastructures like 5 Star Hotels, Multipurpose stadium, supermarkets, shopping complexes, hospitals, colleges, schools, and all other crucial constructions, Pushpak Nagar is going to create tons of job opportunities, alongside managing the commercial, residential, and social needs of the population. When investments are reaching the higher and higher notes day by day, our Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak team and other surrounding workshops are also not slouching behind. We have already spread our operations over the entire Navi Mumbai city. And our Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak team is training the employees constantly to tackle the ambitious mob in the new city in the most efficient way. 

We are expecting all kinds of people from the entire country to come and thrive with the city life here. When the top-notch connectivity satisfies all the required steps for a Multi-Modal Corridor (MMD), people swarm in that place to experience the benefits of a highly boosted economy, as we are going to see in this Pushpak Nagar region. Alongside NMIA, this area comes in proximity to the essential Mumbai to Navi Mumbai link, the Trans Harbour Sea Link, the largest sea link in India. Not only Mumbai, but the distance of Uran, Pune, Goa, and all other cities will be shorter through this connection. And there is more, the railway and metro railway connectivity. Whereas Panvel and Khandeshwar are at the 10 minutes distance from Pushpak Nagar or the current Pushpak area via rail, Seawoods and Belapur come under the 15 minutes of distance through the same. Moreover, the already active Mumbai metro through Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar will be connecting Bandra and Mankhud to Panvel via Pushpak Nagar. And with the city’s new journey from a non-developed area to become a very important megacity of India, our Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak team is continually supporting all the small to large scale businesses alongside the current residents here; and also developing ourselves to become the most proficient Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak Nagar team from the Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak team to offer all varieties of IT solutions to everyone.

asus laptop repair center in pushpak nagar calista by uptown spaces

Do you think out-of-warranty laptop charges are too high to reap your pocket? We assure you the opposite in the Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak covering Pushpak, NAINA, and surrounding Greenfield region that our service charges start only at Rs.250.

If you are thinking about replacing your laptop already, think again. What you are considering the laptop repair charges would be, it may not take that much. Besides, purchasing a new laptop always costs more, and it also can work improperly if the reason is something else. Such as, you can never know what a virus or malware can do to your laptop. Maybe that is the reason your device has stopped working. Now, you buy a new laptop and install all the old applications you were using in the old one, the virus or malware will act the same way it did before. So, it’s always better to get an expert suggestion from our Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak branch or any nearby store of NSS laptop service center before finalizing your decision.

With a large lab facility with sufficient modern equipment and contemporary diagnostic tools, our large team covering all the branches including Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak with more than 30 engineers can offer you the best scheme among the various available here, such as CIS (Carry-In Services) and On-Site services, T&M (Time & Material), or Contract basis system for any of our small to large scale clients.

If you are ready to move on to a new laptop, you may still get a good deal from our Asus repair in Pushpak store or other nearby shops having tons of refurbished laptop models. They can offer you a similar feature you are looking into a new laptop but under a lesser price tag.

Why Choose NSS Laptop Service Center

6 Year of Experience

6 Years of Experience

Free Pickup & Drop

Free Pickup & Drop

Customer Satisfaction

100% Customer Satisfaction

Pay Online or Cod

Pay Online or COD

Motherboard Repair

We Only Use Genuine Spare Parts

Pan India Repair & Warranty

All India Repair Service Available With Warranty

Being a part of an electronics-related service, all of our storefronts plus Asus laptop support in Pushpak never forget to take care of the e-waste through a proper manner.

When electronics products have become the most common and essential digital associates in our everyday life, inevitably, the consequences have also increased, in this case, electronic-waste. Where they are different from other garbage is in their toxicity. Only 2% of this wastage can cause 70% of the total toxicity in the environment. That’s why our Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak team always takes proper actions so that no e-waste can get any exposure in nature out of our store. It is always necessary to dispose of electronic junk only in authentic recycling systems; otherwise, illegal processes can harm more than cleaning the environment out of that. We ask the same from all our old to new clients, including every citizen in the entire Mumbai Metropolitan area. Here are some authentic places listed by the government, or you can ask our Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak team for any help.

Here to mention that recycling is the last step we can take against e-waste. Because we should attain the first steps on this path by reducing the usage as much as possible or to eye on the reusing process. That means we must try to increase the longevity of our current products and should find some authentic refurbished devices for reusing purposes as you can see in all our storefronts as well as in the Asus laptop repair center in Pushpak store.

Asus Laptop & All in One PC Repair & Service Price List (in Rs) of Asus Laptop Repair Center in Pushpak Navi Mumbai

All in one PC (in Rs)Laptop (in Rs)
Repair/Replacement of Asus Device Screen1500 to 75002000-8000
Asus PC Keyboards/Trackpad Repair or Replacement300 to 2000300 to 2500
Asus Motherboard Service2000 to 65002000 to 6500
Asus Device Battery/CMOS problems300 to 500500 to 4000
Asus Device Hard drive problems350 to 4500350 to 4500
Asus PC OS Installation or Software Upgrade & Virus Removal300 to 6500300 to 6500
Asus Device Data Recovery1000 to 100002000 to 12500

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Yes! We warranty our repair services for 30 days and also give a money-back assurance!

Mostly, we try to offer services on the same day a client contacts us with no added charges.

Yes! We have been providing specialized training to each of our team members to repair any complex issues within hrs.

This is always a difficult thing to choose a laptop repair services company but you can contact us and try our services to get the best experience ever

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