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Laptops are one of the most imperative work associates in this modern digital world. And Asus laptops are one of the six best brands in the global market, including India. Be it a student laptop or a portable office device, varieties of Asus laptops have made their way into a conference room to a regular household job.

Now, every electronic device requires some upgrading or restoration someday, and laptops are no exception to that, even the best ones. And if you want the assurance of the service’s reliability for your favorite digital pet, you must decide wisely. Now, our Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel didn’t earn the trust of a large clientele for six long years out of sheer luck but by maintaining transparency, authenticity, dedication, and quality service with professional agility. First-time users can check our 100% user feedback online when you search for the Asus laptop repair shop near me in New Panvel, Asus laptop repair in New Panvel near me, or Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel near me or similar topics. Other things would be revealed only when you try a service with us.

Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel operates 24X7 Everyday Of the year. Select a suitable time for an appointment.

Let’s say you just finished a large project on your personal laptop or computer to present it in your workplace or as a college or school assignment, and suddenly that device started acting weird. Now, you can’t access the system or your project, at least not the wholesome of it. How would you feel? Not pleasant, I know. The same happened to some of our users. After they contacted us in the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel, we sent our well-trained technicians to their places within half-an-hour. In most cases, they were able to fix the devices on the same day and kept our clients from lagging behind the schedule. Only in some critical issues, it took us some more time to fix it in our Asus laptop support in New Panvel workshop and then delivered it quickly. 

We are glad to mention that in every situation, our team in the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel was able to provide the best solution for a client’s sake, as commented by the users themselves. And at what cost? Nothing extra. Yes, we provide service, we build a long-term bond of trust with each of our clients through that. Emergency or not, we respond to it with equal sincerity every time and reach your doorstep as quickly as possible. For that, our Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel doesn’t charge you anything more than the price bracket represented on our website or in this Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel page. Come to our storefront to fix your device hand-in-hand, or contact us for home services at your office, college hostel, or apartment any time of the day or year; you will be paying the same amount for similar services. To have practical experience on that, you shouldn’t waste any more time clicking the link below. 

Asus onsite support in New Panvel runs the service all over this region. Avail of the quickest doorstep service at a specified venue you select.

In this residential suburb of Navi Mumbai, besides old Panvel city, the commercial, educational, and residential node New Panvel or New Panvel East from sector 6 to sector 15 and 16 up to Kalundre river entirely comes under our service area of the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel.

Our technicians from the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel have worked all the localities including Priya CHS, Hari Mahal CHS, Gurudwara Road, KH Society, Solitaire, Tricity Luxuria Tower, Prerna CHS, Cosmo CHS, Executive Residency CHS, Khanda Colony, Shubham Complex, D Mart New Panvel, Bethel Bhavan, Gokul CHS, Susmit CHS, Indravan CHS, Vama Paradise, Gahlot Residency CHS, Nav Bharat CHS, and all other places in this area.

Our Asus repair in New Panvel store welcomes everyone working in various industries in New Panvel such as Nexa Mumbai in New Panvel industrial area, Trimurti Enterprises, Metal Care Incorporated, Alufast Hi-Tech Industries, Ultra Electric Company India Pvt Ltd, Aditya Industries, CIDCO Office in Sector 1A, Registration Office New Panvel, Yashvant Industries, Qualtel Solutions, Noble Art & craft, Aero Care Industries, MSEB Office at Gurudwara Road, or in medical sectors in Panacea Hospital, Ashtvinayak Hospital, Pioneer Hospital, or other similar places to contact for emergency services or others and our rapid response team in the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel will take care of that at the best way possible.

Students from Pillai College of Engineering, S P More College, Shri Bapusaheb D.D. Vispute College of Education, Adhya Krantveer Vasudev Balwant Phadke Vidyalaya, Shantiniketan Polytechnic, Maharashtra Mudran Parishad’s Institute of Printing Technology & Research in Sector 1, ITM – Institute of Health Sciences in Sector 12, St. Joseph’s High School, DAV Public School, Changu Kana Thakur Vidyalaya or any other academic institutes are also welcome to call us directly in the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel for help, and we will reach your college, school, hostel, or house, anywhere you ask for a repair service for your laptop or similar devices.


Warranty ended? No need to replace your laptop when you can wield a pocket-friendly repair service from the Asus repair in New Panvel store.

If you are looking for the best price structure for out-of-warranty laptop repair services, our Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel can help you with that. We have provided some of the common ranges here in this page for the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel. And for more details, you should follow our articles on Laptop repair cost in India, How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen in India, laptop motherboard repair and many more. Our transparent charges remain equal for every user, be it a business call or a personal household service request. Our Asus onsite support in New Panvel team offers you the best scheme suitable to fit with your current requirement.

Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel runs the training process regularly to keep all the employees prepared for all types of Asus laptop repair solutions. Be it a ProArt StudioBook, VivoBook, TUF or ROG series laptops, or 2-in-1 ZenBook devices, our team in the Asus laptop support in New Panvel can help you with the motherboard, hard disk, battery, keyboard, screen repair or replacement, or software installation, data recovery, malware or virus removal issues.

You must not forget to check our refurbished range of laptops in the Asus repair in New Panvel store, because there are plenty of incredible deals with compact warranty packages are waiting for you to explore.

Why Choose NSS Laptop Service Center

6 Year of Experience

6 Years of Experience

Free Pickup & Drop

Free Pickup & Drop

Customer Satisfaction

100% Customer Satisfaction

Pay Online or Cod

Pay Online or COD

Motherboard Repair

We Only Use Genuine Spare Parts

Pan India Repair & Warranty

All India Repair Service Available With Warranty

Asus laptop support in New Panvel maintains the responsibility to go through a proper e-waste management system.

It’s hard to find anyone without some electronic devices these days, in our modern world, be it a mobile phone, LCD TV, or laptop, or computer. From urban to rural civilization, this has become a common practice everywhere, and it’s also increasing day by day. Therefore, you can understand how much e-waste these devices can produce when we dump them after using. This has become a serious concern in this country, along with the entire world. According to ASSOCHAM, e-waste disposal is growing at a 30% rate annually. Besides, the current quantity has already reached the 2 million ton quota, with a significant amount of toxicity spreading throughout the environment. 

Being one of India’s best IT solution provider brands, the NSS laptop service center team in the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel maintains all the required steps to eradicate the curse of e-waste from our society. But no attempt is enough unless every citizen is concerned about the actual threat. That’s why our Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel team tries their best to spread the information towards all our users and every other citizen to play their share in this fight together. 

Currently, 65 Indian cities are generating around 60% of the total e-waste in this country, and Mumbai is at the top of it. But that’s not all; the Mumbai government is also pioneering in various models to eliminate that toxic junk as much as possible. Now, it’s all of our duty to cooperate as a citizen in this area. There is more; illegal recycling doesn’t help but create more damage to this environment. That’s why it’s essential to select a proper system when it’s needed. Check the government authorized legal processes here, or ask our help in the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel for the same. Lastly, we must say only recycling can’t help us unless we take the earlier steps on this matter. That’s just reusing your devices and also increasing the use of refurbished laptops, computers, or mobile phones whenever possible. That way, we can reduce the production of e-waste altogether at a certain level.

Asus Laptop & All in One PC Repair & Service Price List (in Rs) of Asus Laptop Repair Center in New Panvel

All in one PC (in Rs)Laptop (in Rs)
Repair/Replacement of Asus Device Screen1500 to 75002000-8000
Asus PC Keyboards/Trackpad Repair or Replacement300 to 2000300 to 2500
Asus Motherboard Service2000 to 65002000 to 6500
Asus Device Battery/CMOS problems300 to 500500 to 4000
Asus Device Hard drive problems350 to 4500350 to 4500
Asus PC OS Installation or Software Upgrade & Virus Removal300 to 6500300 to 6500
Asus Device Data Recovery1000 to 100002000 to 12500

NSS Laptop Service Center Stores in Mumbai

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Citi make Building Prakash Nagar, Jogwshwari West Mumbai 400102

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Ajanta Square Mall, Market Lane,Borivali West, Mumbai 400092

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Imperial Heights Building Juhu Thane West, Mumbai 400601

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Asus Service Centre

Address: Office no. D/504, 3rd floor, Vashi Plaza, Sion – Panvel Expy, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703.

Asus Exclusive Store – Icons

Address: Shop No.4, Manas Cooperative Housing Society, Sec -8, Sector 6, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708.

Frequently Asked question

If you are currently in a budget shortage condition, it’s always cheaper to choose the repair option while dwelling between a repair or replace for your laptop. Generally, if your repair charge is more than 50% of the replacement charge or so, it’s recommended to choose a replacement option. 

But your savings may not suffice your requirement all the time. In that case, we have a better solution for you. You can try a refurbished laptop from our Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel store. They come with a sufficient warranty and varieties of features able to compete with any brand new model. And in the Asus repair in New Panvel center, we only use genuine components to build such a product. Moreover, you can customize your device according to your using purpose. Try one to know better.

It depends. Not all apps are useful for you. You can uninstall or disable all the bloatware you are not going to use. You can remove them individually or go to the ‘Reset this PC’ option from Settings to clean a new PC from all of them.

Now, some apps are useful, such as the security apps and troubleshooting apps Asus provide for various PC problems. But you don’t use them all the time. So it’s ok not to keep them unless they are necessary for you. When you experience some trouble with your PC, you can always download them for free from the Asus official website. If you need guidance on which app is required for your current situation, you can always ask our Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel for help.

Clean the fans, air vents, and inside of your laptop. Delete all junk files from the hard disk. Uninstall unnecessary apps. Disable unimportant start-up apps and background programs from the Task Manager. Try to use a fewer number of applications and heavy software at a time to reduce excessive multitasking. Use a fewer number of peripherals with your PC. Update the OS or format and reinstall it if possible. Update all the drivers and applications. Upgrade the RAM capacity and alter your hard disk with an SSD of sufficient storage. Apply a defragmentation process to organize the data in your drive. Lastly, you must not forget about viruses or spyware scanning. After a full scan, if you find any threat, destroy them immediately and install good malware protection even after you can’t find anything. Set a periodic scan in it for regular updates.

If you already have tried all these procedures above and still facing some trouble, it’s better to contact our Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel team for thorough checking.

If you are concerned about the longevity of your notebook, you must take some necessary steps from the beginning so that you can milk out every drop of its capability before leaving it behind. Some basic tips include switching it off every day for a while, especially when you are traveling with it. Not to use it on soft surfaces such as the bed and sofa. Cleaning it’s inside now and then. Not to leave the power supply on all day even after it’s fully charged. Not to drain the battery power completely before you switch the charging procedure on and not to charge it up to 100%. Do not use unnecessary apps at the time of starting up or in the background. Optimize your PC for better efficiency.

If you take care of your device properly, you can at least increase its lifespan from 2-3 years. Check out all the DIY tips in the articles published by our Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel team.

Yes, we do. More than 30 engineers lead the process of regular training sessions for each of our employees in all our branches including the Asus laptop repair center in New Panvel branch. And we allow everyone to work on the practical field only after they pass rigorous tests on relevant matters.

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