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Your Satisfaction Is The Perfection We Seek Every Moment.

We are motivated in one mission: how to represent a service quality that can earn each customer’s trust. Yes, the Asus laptop repair center in Airoli is not just a business; it’s the name of a customer-satisfactory brand. Since 2014, our passionate team members have been ensuring the best service with honesty and transparency. The result? Customers rewarded us with a big 100% user satisfaction rating. Check anywhere online; you will see the same. Please read our user reviews. Research on that or connect with them. Then decide, whom should you trust with your precious laptops.


Asus Laptop Repair Center in Airoli provides Services Only at your Favorable time

Yes, it’s an opportunity we offer to all of our clients. The reason is simple. In this fast-paced world, everyone is busy with their daily productivity. When your laptop fails on you, the work stops, and you run behind the schedule. In that condition, it’s more pressing to make time for finding good service and running there with your laptop to fix it. 

Hence, the Asus laptop repair center in Airoli represents a service that you can avail of any time in day and night when you are free. What more is that you don’t have to search for us. Only contact us, and we will arrange an appointment at your doorstep, sending the best available technicians from our storefront. You can find us online in your Asus laptop repair center in Airoli near me page or Asus laptop service center near me in Airoli page. Guess what? The Asus laptop repair shop in Airoli charges nothing extra for a 24X7X365 service option. Yep, that’s right. We are that transparent on the price bracket. Both the Asus laptop repair center in Airoli onsite service and home service follows the same price list you see here in this page.

Home Service areas covered under Asus laptop Support in Airoli

Our team has enough employees to cover everywhere in Airoli. With more than 30 engineers and a large group of trained technicians, we are growing even bigger day by day. Asus laptop repair center in Airoli maintains the same transparency with the employees as we perform with the customers. That’s what makes us one large family with all the team members and consumers and we invite even more. 

Asus repair in Airoli have technicians coming from all over the locality. Starting from the end of Vitawa in North to Sector 10A in South, our members are residents from all over Airoli spreaded over 28 sectors in this region. And about our consumers, Asus laptop repair center in Airoli is capable of handling any kinds of IT solutions from large to small scale businesses and home office requirements in this residential, commercial, and industrial hub Airoli with 2 Lakhs of inhabitants in the Mumbai Metropolitan area. From Patni and MIDC Grounds in TTC Industrial Sector including Airoli and Capgemini Knowledge Parks, Mindspace Airoli West and East, EFC Business Center, CIDCO Industrial area, Wipro Airoli, KTV. Techno PVT. LTD., YM NxtGen Realty, we serve everyone, everywhere in this city. 

You may live in Siddhivinayak CHS, Ujala CHS Society, Blue Heaven Society, Arihant CHS, Shivneri Society, Sai Mauli CHS, or someplace else, when you contact Asus laptop repair center in Airoli, most of the times our expert technicians reach your site within 15-30 minutes period. Yes, they are everywhere near you, and can operate throughout the locality they cover in any time of the day.

Students from Shri Vivekananda Hindi High School, Chartered English School, DAV Public School, Saint Pauls’ English, NHPS Playground, VIBGYOR High School, Mazidun High School & Junior College, Sushila Devi College, Datta Meghe College of Engineering, R J College, Kalavati Institute of Nursing Education, Rajmata Jijau Night College, or any other schools and colleges can also contact our Asus laptop repair center in Airoli and we will take similar care to solve your laptop problems as well. To find us, you can type Asus laptop repair shop near me in Airoli, Asus laptop repair in Airoli Near me, Asus laptop support in Airoli, Asus onsite support in Airoli, Asus repair in Airoli, Asus laptop repair center near me in Airoli or anything similar, you will find all of our contact details in the first page in your browser. 

You can also come to our main storefront in Asus laptop repair center in Airoli between 10am to 7pm in week days and 10 am to 2pm in Sunday to watch your laptop getting fixed in front of your eyes, or you may give us a call or chat with us in Whatsapp, send an email, or fill up the contact form provided in our site, we will reach out to you within no time.


For all Out-of-Warranty services, Asus Repair in Airoli Covers All Your laptop Solutions

Even some best quality laptops may trouble even within in-warranty periods just after a short period of usage. Most of the time, it is due to some manufacturing issues or accidental reasons. 

You may not need to pay much for in-warranty services from the manufacturing brand, but to get faster services, you can always contact the Asus laptop repair center in Airoli. 

If you are worried about a considerable expenditure to fix out-of-warranty laptops, you must check our price list before thinking that. What more is that all our functions are covered under 1-3 months of warranty based on the typicality of the services. Come to us with any type of Asus laptops from ZenBook, VivoBook, VivoBook Gaming, ROG series, or Asus TUF gaming series, our team in the Asus laptop support in Airoli is experienced to deal with all of them perfectly.

With lots of genuine spare parts and a well-equipped lab decorated with modern tools, our Asus laptop repair center in Airoli is ready to face all kinds of laptop ailments. And we have a variety of schemes offered to our customers, including T&M (Time & Material), CIS (Carry-In Services) and On-Site services, or Contract basis systems. 

Again, when you are about to leave your old laptop behind, just check out our latest refurbished models. Some of you may still think that the refurbished laptops are built over some disputed models, but that’s just a rumor. Asus laptop repair center in Airoli assembles the refurbished models to operate no less than a new laptop. Also, they come always with 6-months of warranty. Under a tight budget, these are just the perfect options for your urgent requirements. No need to believe our words on this; just check with our customers who are currently using them.

Why Choose NSS Laptop Service Center

6 Year of Experience

6 Years of Experience

Free Pickup & Drop

Free Pickup & Drop

Customer Satisfaction

100% Customer Satisfaction

Pay Online or Cod

Pay Online or COD

Motherboard Repair

All Genuine Spare Parts Are Used

Pan India Repair & Warranty

All India Repair Service Available

A proper electronic evolution always involves a proper e-waste management system

Evolution is our nature, but there are always consequences. A proper evolution is only possible when those consequences are taken care of. In our case, it’s e-waste. Yes, we welcome electronic prosperity more and more. But leaving the junk and wastage behind is never a good idea for ourselves and our next generations. We don’t want the biological life of Thane creek to suffer due to e-waste. Soil and water pollution is becoming a significant concern in this country. And being the commercial capital of India, Mumbai and its surrounding areas are generating most of the e-waste in this nation.

Many noticeable steps have already been taken during the last few years to mitigate the curse of this pollution. NMMC and other Mumbai Metropolitan area authorized bodies are taking pioneering roles to manage the system properly. The Maharashtra Government is stepping on the field with heavy boots to smash down the health crisis rising from improper e-waste processing systems. But all these efforts would go in vain if the citizens are not alarmed yet. Being the inhabitants of this city, all the team members of the Asus laptop repair center in Airoli take immense responsibility to eradicate the e-waste junk from our life and society. We also call out to all of our consumers to walk on the same road of conscience. If you are unable to track down any recycling center near you, ask help from our Asus laptop repair center in Airoli to direct you on the same. You can also check here for more details.

Asus Laptop & All in One PC Repair & Service Price List (in Rs) of Asus Laptop Repair Center in Airoli

All in one PC (in Rs)Laptop (in Rs)
Repair/Replacement of Asus Device Screen1500 to 75002000-8000
Asus PC Keyboards/Trackpad Repair or Replacement300 to 2000300 to 2500
Asus Motherboard Service2000 to 65002000 to 6500
Asus Device Battery/CMOS problems300 to 500500 to 4000
Asus Device Hard drive problems350 to 4500350 to 4500
Asus PC OS Installation or Software Upgrade & Virus Removal300 to 6500300 to 6500
Asus Device Data Recovery1000 to 100002000 to 12500

NSS Laptop Service Center Stores in Mumbai

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Citi make Building Prakash Nagar, Jogwshwari West Mumbai 400102

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Ajanta Square Mall, Market Lane,Borivali West, Mumbai 400092

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Imperial Heights Building Juhu Thane West, Mumbai 400601

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AddressShop No.4, Manas Cooperative Housing Society, Sec -8, Sector 6, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708


Frequently Asked question

It is possible that the connecting wire of the button got disconnected or damaged. All you have to do is to open the back of the laptop after removing all electric connections. Then, you have to attach the two wires of each side of the button with a sticky tape to make a continuous flow of the electric signal. If you are new in this field, we recommend you to ask for professional help. Asus laptop repair center in Airoli will fix it in no time under a nominal cost. Try us.

Check in the Asus Support page if all the driver versions for sound, network, display, chipset everything are the current ones in your laptop or not. If you are not sure that the update is correctly set for the best optimization settings or not, check this list. You can also try an automated refresh to remove the corrupted bloatware or reset or clean install if nothing works. 

If you are still not sure, the Asus laptop repair center in Airoli team will diagnose the trouble and fix it fast. You can also find us in your Asus laptop repair in Airoli near me or Asus laptop repair shop near me in Airoli search pages.

When your laptop can’t remove the excess heat, it gets overheated. Check for dust in your air vents or fans if you can. Don’t use your laptop on soft surfaces like bed or lap for long. Sometimes the situation arises when the internal fan blades are broken. Our Asus laptop repair center in Airoli will clean the laptop under Rs. 300- 500 only or you may need to shed some more for broken fans.

If you are facing a touchpad issue, firstly, check “Additional Mouse Options” from Settings. Try the ELAN input device inside the Hardware section. Uninstall the drivers and reboot the machine. It will re-install the updated versions. If the problem persists, the Asus repair in Airoli team will take care of that.

Again, make sure you have the upgraded versions of the Synaptics Driver for all the keyboard ailments. BIOS or CPU driver updates also help in this case. If you need help on them, Asus laptop repair center in Airoli will provide you with the right solution for your condition.

Mostly, we finish the work within hours or a day. For critical issues like motherboard or data recovery, the Asus laptop repair center in Airoli team takes 3-5 days in general.

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