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Six years ago, when we began walking on this road to help people with laptop problems, we took an oath of earning 100% user satisfaction through our service quality. Since 2014, this is the only thing that has remained at the center of our growth to date. You may find several similar services around you. But, the uniqueness of our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai lies in our professionalism, fast responsiveness, proficiency, and reliability. Our business circles around our aim for complete customer reliability. 

In the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, we offer a complete IT solution for all the laptop troubles in both of our functionalities on-site and doorstep services. Along with individual users, we have spread our functionalities towards small and large scale business solutions.  

The entire team in the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai understands how to represent the most efficient operating method while moving through the 344 sq km area of the entire Navi Mumbai, the biggest planned city on Earth. That said, six years of experience and the agility to learn from the mistakes have provided the group with a practical and pragmatic approach towards handling extreme situations while dealing with an urban customer base of almost two crores of people.

Services we Offer at the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai

Our professional team has shown dexterity and ample knowledge in repairing and maintaining all kinds of Asus laptop and All-in-one PC problems and similar services for all other laptops or PCs irrespective of the brand. Some of the most common services we proffer in our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai are mentioned below:

  • Asus Motherboard Repair
  • Asus Display Repair
  • Asus Laptop Chip Level Services
  • Asus HDD Repair/ Replacement
  • Asus Laptop Data Recovery
  • Asus Laptop RAM and SSD Upgrade
  • Asus Keyboard Repair/ Replacement
  • Asus Laptop Body Fabrication
  • Asus Laptop Speaker troubles
  • Asus Laptop Battery Repair or Replacement
  • Asus Laptop AC Adapter and DC Jack Repair or Replacement
  • Asus Laptop Virus Removal and OS Installation
  • Asus Laptop Webcam Repair
  • Password Removal from Asus Laptops


We have provided the average price list for the common services at the bottom of this page.


Flexible Schedule for All Your Requirements

Being the twin city of India’s commercial capital Mumbai, Navi Mumbai houses many important industrial sectors of the country. Including CBD Belapur, Trans Thane Creek (TTC) spread over 2562Ha land, Jawahar, Taloja, Panvel, and Uran areas cover more than 5400 industrial plots in Navi Mumbai, as reported by a CIDCO survey. Whereas the initial idea for this satellite township to be born was to share the immense population load of Mumbai, the Industrial Cluster of Navi Mumbai is altering this city’s infrastructure into India’s latest IT Hub. The modernization of Turbhe Industrial Park is also attracting several business models towards it. In this scenario, being the best Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, all of our experienced team members understand how to snake through the urban demands of technical maintenance to represent the highest level of efficiency for the most productive consumer base of this city. That’s why our company accommodates the highest flexibility in the operational schedule for each of our service users. Our idea is to contribute to your productivity, not reduce it. Our doorstep services are active seven days of the week, anytime you ask for, even after our office hours end.

Emergency Doorstep Service Available 24 x 7 x 365

When laptops have become one of our crucial workmates, a dead laptop creates a terrible situation at the most unfavorable times. The people who have suffered from the same at the nick of the time of an interview, the presentation of an idea, or an exam know how horrifying it could be when your personal laptop dies without any prior warning. And what you need at that moment is the fastest service or any alternative solution to get you out of this current misery. 

Growing towards the highest peak doesn’t happen out of sheer luck, but by acknowledging the sine qua non of the best possible service offering the quickest response and complete care for your target population in the most friendly way possible. This is how our Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai touches each user’s hearts by providing them with the exact operations of prompt service at an emergency level. 

Only in extreme situations, you would know how relieved it feels to avail of an urgent service at your place. Exploiting this process extends a 2-way advantage at your busiest hours. You may retreat investing a lot of precious time and resources searching for a proper service around you. Navi Mumbai houses MGMIHS, IIG, ITM Kharghar, T. S. Chanakya (Indian Maritime University Navi Mumbai Campus), PIMSR, DY Patil University, NIFT, Amity University, and many other well-known Institutes and Schools from various educational, sports, or fashion-related training backgrounds. The newbies from these places or the job seekers or employees in the MNCs and other commercial sectors found our services from the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai most fulfilling at exigency.

Our Service Locations All Over Navi Mumbai

Our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai operates through the entire region in this massive city. Our main Navi Mumbai branch is in Savali at Sector 3, Prabhakar Krishanati Patil Marg in Ghansoli. But our professional experts in the Asus laptop support in Navi Mumbai comes from Airoli, Digha, Mahape, Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Rabale, Ghansoli, Koparkhairane, Bhim Nagar, Karanjade, Ulwe, Juhugaon, Vashi, Wahal, Panvel, Taloja, Dhansar, Turbhe, Hanuman Nagar, Sanpada, Shivaji Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, Nerul, Sarsole, Diwale, Belapur, Karave, Kharghar, Kamothe, and so many areas from Navi Mumbai. Hence, they are able to reach you under 15 minutes to half an hour’s time range after you contact us in the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai. We are bound to serve all our old to new consumers with complete care and integrity.


Flexible Price Bracket for End Of Warranty Asus Laptop Services

After the end of the warranty, most people try to avail of laptop services from local markets due to a price myth. Yes, they think spending money on laptop repair may not be worthwhile. But it would help if you pondered on some thoughts that a cheap service without authentic components may trouble you more in the future instead of saving you some little bucks. 

In the Asus laptop repair service in Navi Mumbai, we keep our services at a transparent and flexible pricing range affordable by all. We have several support systems for you to decide the best-suited one for your purpose. We have on-site to doorstep services in Time & Material (T&M) system, Contract-basis services, and Carry-In Services (CIS). The reason we can support you with all these opportunities is that we have an abundance of genuine spare components for all laptops, including all the modern equipment for diagnostics. Each of our employees goes through intense training before taking responsibility for consumer products. Because we understand the duty in hand while dissecting your valuable device with tons of invaluable data in it.

We also serve under Warranty device problems and even at the same rate as your manufacturer, but certainly faster.

Looking For A New Laptop? Why don’t You Try Some Other Ways

When your laptop becomes too old to use anymore, it’s time for you to move on. And the only way around here is to buy a new laptop. But, laptops being expensive for most people, you may not have the right budget satisfying your purpose. In that case, you may try out Refurbished laptops. Most people are a bit skittish about this option, as they still live in a misbelief that these laptops are made of faulty substances. But this is entirely a mistaken idea. In the Asus laptop repair service in Navi Mumbai, we cover our products within six months of warranty, at least. Our old buyers will vouch for our products to break the myth you are carrying on for long. 

A Refurbished model costs you a lot less than the similar brand new models. In contrast, they are quite capable of running similarly to their latest siblings. Why is that? Actually, they are built of only one to two generations of older materials. During the era of everyday advancement in technological developments, this little arrangement is nothing close to a matter for you to worry about. 

Why NSS Laptop Service Center?

6 Year of Experience

6 Years of Experience

Free Pickup & Drop

Free Pickup & Drop

Customer Satisfaction

100% User Satisfaction

Pay Online or Cod

Pay Online or COD

Pan India Repair & Warranty

Repair & Warranty Available All Over India

Motherboard Repair

All Genuine Spare Parts are used

E-Waste Contribution Must Stop

During the last decade, e-waste became the most severe threat all over the world. India has taken several initiatives on this matter already. Among them, the Maharashtra Government has gone one step further to educate people and to spread consciousness against it. Navi Mumbai civic body started segregating the electronic wastes in this city already. Along with the government’s scientific disposal steps, schools like Anjuman-I-Islam A A Khatkhatay English secondary school in Vashi are inspiring people in unique ways by launching innovative projects such as ‘‘Contribute your E-waste to educate a child’. The Third among the cleanest cities in India has become the pioneer in the e-waste management system. And being a responsible citizen from this city, it is our duty to help our society grow greener to welcome our next generation in a better world. 

In the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, we always take the necessary steps to bring our e-waste to a proper e-waste disposal process. Similarly, we ask all our clients to do the same or to request our help if they don’t know where to go each time. If you are from Ulwe, Taloja, Panvel, Kharghar, Airoli, Seawoods, Vashi, or any housing areas like Mahaavir Heritage CHS in Kharghar, NRI Complex in Seawoods, Sea Breeze CHS, Sagar Darshan Towers, Vighnahar Housing Society, Govind Complex in Vashi, Kalpratna CHS in Airoli, Sagar CHS, Newa Garden, Siddhivinayak CHS, or any other places in South and North Navi Mumbai, just contact our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai. The customer assistance member from our team will inform our employees of your locality to take care of everything. Besides that, we need to try our best to spread awareness on e-waste situations so that the situation can be handled better.

Asus Laptop & All in One PC Repair & Service Price List in The Asus Laptop Repair Center in Navi Mumbai

All in one PC (in Rs)Laptop (in Rs)
Repair/Replacement of Asus Device Screen1500 to 75002000-8000
Asus PC Keyboards/Trackpad Repair or Replacement300 to 2000300 to 2500
Asus Motherboard Service2000 to 65002000 to 6500
Asus Device Battery/CMOS problems300 to 500500 to 4000
Asus Device Hard drive problems350 to 4500350 to 4500
Asus PC OS Installation or Software Upgrade & Virus Removal300 to 6500300 to 6500
Asus Device Data Recovery1000 to 100002000 to 12500

NSS Laptop Service Center Stores in Mumbai

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Citi make Building Prakash Nagar, Jogwshwari West Mumbai 400102

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Ajanta Square Mall, Market Lane,Borivali West, Mumbai 400092

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Imperial Heights Building Juhu Thane West, Mumbai 400601

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Frequently Asked questions

If no key is responding, update the BIOS and OS first. If you feel that the keys are not sensitive enough, check if the Filter Keys function is activated or not. Search for “Ease of Access keyboard settings” in the search box for that. And you can control other key settings also from there. 

Sometimes, the NumLock operations may trouble your typing in some way. If these are not your cases, uninstalling the drivers and then re-installing the updated ones may make your day. Also, keep updating the Synaptics Driver. Lastly, you can always get help from our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai for all your problems.

For any touchpad problem, navigate to “Additional Mouse Options,” and select the ELAN input device from the Hardware section. Reboot the machine after uninstalling the drivers. The laptop will automatically reinstall the updated driver after reopening. If you are still clueless, we will detect the issue in our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai lab to fix it right away.

For ScreenPad 2.0 issues, install the drivers and utilities in an order given here. Start with Intel(R) Serial IO I2C, although you may already have it in-built for your device. Then ScreenXpert from the Windows Store App section. After that, Asus ScreenXpert Interface, then MyASUS from Windows Store, and then again, a driver called ASUS System Control Interface V2 from the Asus site. Lastly, download a correction program ScreenPad2 Optimizer from Asus. Troubleshoot the system through System Diagnosis using MyASUS. No need to panic if no method works here. The engineers in the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai are well-experienced to deal with all kinds of Asus ScreenPad problems here.

Reinstall the updated drivers. Check the sound settings section for the input and output device management issues. Troubleshoot using the OS. If it’s an external earphone you are concerned about, you must check its compatibility with your device first. If it’s a cracking noise you are facing, the speakers may have damaged someway. The charge for a speaker replacement in the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai is nothing for you to worry about much.

The camera may malfunction for many reasons:

  • Apps permission isn’t activated.
  • Antivirus settings may block camera access.
  • Use the F10 function key or F10 Camera HotKey to check the Camera on/off settings.
  • Outdated BIOS or OS.
  • Outdated Camera driver.
  • The laptop was pre-installed with Windows 7 or 8/ 8.1.


For all the above problems, we will help you get through them. For even more of a persistent matter, our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai will be able to fix your trouble.

The common reasons for your laptop to turn off are as below:

  • Excessive heat dissipation due to dirty fans or vents.
  • The laptop isn’t receiving any power supply due to the AC adapter or DC jack issues.
  • The battery isn’t working.
  • The CMOS battery is dead.
  • The laptop is connected to several external devices more than its capacity.
  • Severe malware or virus attacks.

Firstly, turn off your laptop and remove the power supply and battery. Then, hold on to the Power switch for 40 seconds for resetting the CMOS settings. Now, reconnect the battery and the power cable. Also, Windows Boot Genius may help you recover the system. Try updating the BIOS and Windows OS. If nothing works, our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai always got your back.

If you see vertical or horizontal lines on your Asus laptop screen, you should check for the graphic driver updates from settings. The latest upgrades are available on the Asus official website. Sometimes, a loose tape or screw inside the display frame may cause similar situations. It’s merely a one-hour job to fix it if you come to our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai.

Now, for BSOD or Windows Blue Screen of Death, it’s a process of the OS to warn you about some serious trouble in the notebook. You may see some error code like 0x0000003B, 0x0000000A, 0x000000EF, 0x00000133, or others on the screen. GIve us a call to inform the code, and our experienced team will take over from there.

For a black screen, try connecting an external display with your notebook. If the condition remains the same, it signals a hardware failure. If the display window works fine on the other screen, you may need to replace your Asus laptop screen. Check for the screen replacement cost in our Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai listed on this page.

Again, after you upgrade your memory or storage, your screen may not turn on due to incompatibility issues with existing hardware. Besides, after the launch of some new applications, you may be left with the same problem due to different hardware requirements. Some longer display cables also cause some issues from time to time. Only after we check it in our lab in the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai will we be able to give you the proper reason.

We provide an excellent Warranty range for all our repair or replacement jobs. Even for the most challenging hardware repair tasks like in the motherboard, we offer at least 30-days of warranty. Whereas, relatively more straightforward tasks carry a two to three months of warranty with them. Our replacement components or refurbished laptops are covered under six months of warranty at most.

In the Asus laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, we believe in a one-day delivery service. That said, you get your laptop back and fixed on the very day you contact us. But that also depends on the situation at hand. If the service is complicated, or we don’t have the exact component currently at our workshop, it may take one or two days more than usual. For complex data recovery tasks, sometimes the period extends to four or five days maximum.

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