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We Are Standing On The Consumer Trust

Since we started our journey in 2014 with a small group of members, we have managed to deliver quality service to our customers all over the Navi Mumbai region. We believe in honesty, professionalism, and quick responsiveness. Since the first day, we started on this path, all our efforts have been dedicated to providing the best solution for all the IT problems. The Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai is thankful to each of the customers we got the chance to build a bond for six long years. Their recommendations and feedback help us grow a bigger family day-by-day.

In the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, we are aimed to achieve 100% user satisfaction and no less than that. Hence, we value each of our customers in the same sincere manner. Take it for a professional requirement, small business solution, or a household necessity; each of our employees is well-trained to attain every situation personally and take necessary actions in the fastest possible way.

For the largest planned city in the World with the entire area of 344 sq.kms, Navi Mumbai has the corresponding demand for technical maintenance service as a smart city growing every day with the latest technological developments. The hectic lifestyle of the Industrial urban areas asks even more efficiency and the fastest service than anywhere else. Keeping that in mind, we understand the value of time for each of our clients while operating in a city with nearly 2 crores of the metropolitan population. And thus, our team in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai is bound to walk likewise in both of our doorstep service and Acer on-site support in Navi Mumbai.

Avail Service At Your Schedule

Along with the Central Business District of Belapur, the entire Navi Mumbai city covers a large area of the Industrial sector of India. To stand the pace of such buzzing productivity, every moment is crucial for each of the residents here. When the time runs at lightning speed, we know how torturous it would be to watch your working hours going in vain because of your laptop or computer. But machines are like that. They trouble you in the most unexpected ways and leave you clueless at the busiest hours. Hence, we operate in such a way that the maintenance and repair time doesn’t bother much of your productivity. You have the complete freedom to decide the perfect time for your service, and at least one of our expert team members in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai will be available to attain you personally.

24 x 7 x 365 Emergency Doorstep Service

Only at the time of emergency, you understand what it means to be served at your place so that you don’t need to waste time and resources seeking a service to repair your dying device. Again, the worse comes to worst when you are a newcomer in the city and don’t know how to reach a repair service for your currently dead Acer laptop. 

Every day the city of Navi Mumbai attracts a lot of people towards its ever-growing urban utilities. Some of them come for academic purposes, and others come to make a fortune out of several career opportunities. 

Students from reputed Universities like NMIMS Navi Mumbai Campus, DY Patil University, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University, and lots of renowned colleges and institutes like MGM Medical College, BVIMSR, IBSAR, SIES IIEM, ACTREC, and others go through intense exams. And having a dead laptop with all your study materials at the last hours of study is unnecessary pressure on them. Modern-day school studies also involve the use of laptops and computers at every moment. And starting from the kindergarten schools to high school students from Chhatrapati Shivaji High School, Moru Narayan Mhatre Vidyalaya, Delhi Public School in Nerul, and many other students keep their hard-earned projects in their home laptops or computers. Of course, you can have a cloud storage backup for many things, but not everything. And we tend to store essential data and files without keeping extra backups. Hence, the personal device dying without prior plans can leave you completely baffled. In the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, we see lots of similar problems every day, and we proudly announce the dexterity of our Data Recovery team to satisfy our users completely.

Similarly, this can happen with the job interview candidates running for Wipro, TCS, CTS, or other MNCs, or Banks, Navi Mumbai Metro, Navi Mumbai International Airport, or entrepreneurs building Start-ups in CBD Belapur, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC areas in Mahape, Digha, Ghansoli, Turbhe with brand new ideas and presentations all stored in their personal laptops. Furthermore, you can be running your home business from your residence in Panvel, Airoli, Kharghar, Seawoods, Vashi, Ulwe, Taloja, or housing complexes like Manushruti CHS, Nerul Sea View CHS, Sai Sadan CHS, Siddhivinayak CHS, Kalpratna CHS, or any other places in South and North Navi Mumbai. At the time of emergency, what you really need in all these situations is the proper guidance and quick solution presented right at your door. And that’s what we provide in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai.

Where Do We Operate

Our Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai is fully-functional over the entire region here. Although our main Navi Mumbai office is in Savali, Sector 3 at the Prabhakar Krishanati Patil Marg at Ghansoli, our expert technicians in the Acer laptop support in Navi Mumbai section are the residents from all over Navi Mumbai. They come from Digha, Airoli, Mahape, Rabale, Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Bhim Nagar, Ghansoli, Koparkhairane, Karanjade, Wahal, Panvel, Ulwe, Juhugaon, Vashi, Taloja, Turbhe, Dhansar, Hanuman Nagar, Ganesh Nagar, Nerul, Sanpada, Shivaji Nagar, Sarsole, Belapur, Diwale, Karave, Kamothe, Kharghar, and all other places from Navi Mumbai. All of them are instructed to cover emergency services personally in their locales 24X7. The Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai provides support for each of the old and new consumers with extreme care and integrity.


Warranty Ended? Our Flexible Ranges May Surprise You Still

After the Warranty ends, you may worry that repairing your laptop from an authentic company may rip you off your savings. But, in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, we offer a flexible service rate affordable by everyone. Moreover, contacting us doesn’t mean you are bound with any contract with us already. You can always quit if any disagreement happens.

Here is a piece of simple advice for you to follow step-by-step:

  • Search for any of the options from ‘Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai,’ ‘Acer laptop repair in Navi Mumbai near me,’ ‘Acer laptop support in Navi Mumbai,’ ‘Acer on-site support in Navi Mumbai,’ or ‘Acer laptop repair shop near me in Navi Mumbai’ in your search box, and you will find us in the first page.
  • Check all the possible service centers there. Click on the NSS service center page if you like. 
  • Check our customer feedback online.
  • Compare our service rate and reviews with others.
  • If it seems favorable, you have four options to reach us: emailing, calling, Whatsapp messaging, or filling up the ‘contact us’ form to get a call from us. We can assure you a prompt personal response from our end in all four ways.
  • Now, talk or chat with us in detail about your problem. Our attaining member from the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai will help you troubleshoot the issue or provide you useful DIY tips to understand what exactly is going on with your laptop.
  • If nothing works, the customer support employee will give you a free quote on the service’s possible estimated value based on your information.
  • Now, you can come to our office within 10 am-7 pm on Monday-Saturday, and 10 am-2 pm on Sunday. We provide complete on-site support in front of you with full transparency. We recheck the entire device and give you the exact value you need to pay. If you don’t like it, you can take back your device or get some extra suggestions on what you should do with your Acer laptop’s current condition.
  • Here, you can select several service options available in our company norms in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai. We cover Contract-basis services, Carry-In Services (CIS), and On-Site maintenance, or Time & Material (T&M) support for small to large scale clients. 
  • We offer at least a 30-day Warranty even for the most complex services and more than that, even up to 3 months for our repair jobs based on the case in question.
  • Or you can ask for a doorstep service for which we don’t charge extra. 
  • Our experienced technician reaches at your home, office, or study center to attain you personally. He checks the problem you are going through and gives you the proper payment idea you need to shell out. With your due permission, he fixes the laptop at once in front of your eyes. Or, if it’s required more tools or spare parts from the store, he will pick it up and take it back to our store.
  • Here, our team of expert technicians and well-educated engineers take care of the problem and fix your laptop as the quickest way possible.
  • In most of the cases, we have sufficient spare parts available to replace a component if needed. But in some complex cases, we need to bring it from someplace else. Before that, we notify you of the time and money you need to spend on the service. If it permits your resources, we start the operation. Then, in the end, one of our employees from the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai drops back the device at your doorstep only at the time you mention.
  • Pay only after we return your laptop to your hand. If we can’t provide the solution, you don’t need to pay us anyway. 
  • Payment mode has all possible options for online, net banking, or cash on delivery systems.

If your Acer laptop is still under Warranty at the time of the hindrance you’re facing currently, you can always expect a quicker service from us.

Yoy May Have Other Options For A New Purchase

Along with the repair service, our Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai has also made a stand on selling Refurbished and custom-build laptops with Warranty. With lots of modern tools and genuine components, we can build you a laptop, especially running for your special work purpose and under a lower rate than a brand new Acer model.

Why NSS Laptop Service Center?

6 Year of Experience

6 Years of Experience

Free Pickup & Drop

Free Pickup & Drop

Customer Satisfaction

100% User Satisfaction

Pay Online or Cod

Pay Online or COD

Pan India Repair & Warranty

Repair & Warranty Available All Over India

Motherboard Repair

All Genuine Spare Parts are used

Let’s Walk Against E-waste

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has already made its way to the third place in Swachh Bharat rankings. And other corporations in the whole planned city of Navi Mumbai region are not lagging far behind. Now, this is time for us to play our individual cooperation for our surrounding society here. 

In the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, we don’t leave behind any parts to add to the e-waste. Instead, we modify them to build new devices or take them for recycling. With this, we urge all our users for the same or at least contact us to take care of that for you.

Acer Laptop & All in One PC Repair & Service Price List in The Acer Laptop Repair Center in Navi Mumbai

All in one PC (in Rs)Laptop (in Rs)
Repair/Replacement of Acer Device Screen1500 to 75002000-8000
Acer PC Keyboards/Trackpad Repair or Replacement300 to 2000300 to 2500
Acer Motherboard Service2000 to 65002000 to 6500
Acer Device Battery/CMOS problems300 to 500500 to 4000
Acer Device Hard drive problems350 to 4500350 to 4500
Acer PC OS Installation or Software Upgrade & Virus Removal300 to 6500300 to 6500
Acer Device Data Recovery1000 to 100002000 to 12500

Popular localities Services Area in Navi Mumbai

NSS Laptop Service Center Stores in Mumbai

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Citi make Building Prakash Nagar, Jogwshwari West Mumbai 400102

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Ajanta Square Mall, Market Lane,Borivali West, Mumbai 400092

NSS Laptop Service Center

  • Laptop, Desktop, & MacBook Repair
  • Imperial Heights Building Juhu Thane West, Mumbai 400601

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Frequently Asked questions

In most cases, it’s a configuration error due to the graphics driver’s incompatibility. Download the latest version of the driver from the official Acer site. If the problem persists, our expert professionals in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai will take care of that.

Acer laptops provide an LCD backdrop setting. Reducing it at the lowest level may turn up with this condition. Press the Fn and F6 keys together to see if it’s resolved or not. 

Again, the BSOD error or Blue Screen of Death occurs when something unexpected happens with the BIOS or the motherboard. If you can’t open the BIOS to see what’s wrong, connect with us at the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai for help.

So, you are sure that this is a motherboard failure! Well, in that case, your motherboard may need a repair or replacement. Please book an appointment with us in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai to get it checked. However, we have seen some cases where it may seem like some motherboard woes, but apparently, it’s not. We will help you troubleshoot the problem first, and if that doesn’t work, we will promptly fix your laptop motherboard.

This condition can be resulted from a corrupted HDD that has suffered some physical damages or due to a virus or malware attack. If you ask our help in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai, we will provide quick troubleshooting tips. After understanding the problem, we can quote you the price for a repair or replacement of your Acer laptop HDD.

If your ISP and the modem or the router doesn’t limit the connected devices, try the DIY tips given here. First, go to ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘Manage known networks’ button in the Wifi section of ‘Network & Security.’ There, remove the troubled Wifi connection by pressing the ‘Forget’ button. Close all windows and reboot. Now, again navigate to the same place after the Acer laptop reopens. There, tap on the ‘Add a new network’ to enter the network name into consideration. Select the ‘Connect automatically’ option in the ‘Network security type’ drop-down menu. Also, check on the ‘Connect even if the network is not broadcasting’ box and ‘Save.’ 

Didn’t work? Then any of the professional members of our Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai need to check your device personally to give you the details.

After uninstalling, reinstall the USB drivers on your laptop. If the problem remains the same, the experienced hands in the Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai will do their best to solve it quickly.

Firstly, check the laptop air vents or fans for dust. Ask our Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai for cleaning methods or get it done under Rs. 500 only. If your fan isn’t running at all, or you can’t find the exact problem, get help from us. 

Yes, you can. And if the maintenance is not that complex, you will also be delivered the repaired device the very day it comes to our Acer laptop repair center in Navi Mumbai.

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