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NSS Laptop service center near me in Vashi


Shop No 27 Ground Floor, Realtech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai Maharashtra 400703


working HOURS

MON-SUN 11:00 – 20:00

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In 2014, we started our laptop service center with a few members. Since the beginning, our idea was to serve our best in such a way that when people search for the best laptop repair shop near me in Vashi or the most trusted laptop service center near me in Vashi, they can find us right away. Be it a large to small business call for any IT solution, or a house laptop service in Vashi; every customer matters to us most. We are grateful to all our consumers who made us 100% user rate achievers in both searches for the laptop service center near me in Vashi and the laptop repair shop near me in Vashi pages along with the other similar queries. 

In our 6 years of experience, we have covered a vast area of laptop repair services almost in every leading brand in India and others. Let’s give you some idea of our laptop service jobs.

Which brand service are you looking for in your best laptop repair shop near me in Vashi or the most authentic laptop service center near me in Vashi queries? Whichever it is, we are ready to roll.

Dell laptop repair center near me in Vashi

If you are looking for the most authentic Dell laptop service center near me in Vashi, you are in the right place. Don’t take our words on it; check with our users who came with their Dell laptops, and you will know. What more, they don’t always come to our office, spending their precious time. We send our expert technicians to each of our customer’s doorstep whenever we get a call or email or service query on our website. Guess what, we don’t take more than half an hour to reach your place anywhere in Vashi after receiving the call. Why don’t you try and check!

Lenovo laptop service center near me in Vashi

Searching for the best Lenovo laptop repair shop near me in Vashi? Our passionate team is ready to offer that, each day of the year. Yes, once again, our customers vouch for that. As we expressed before, you don’t need to spend hours to reach us for a service and collect the same from our office. Our well-experienced technicians arrive at you at the specific time you choose, anywhere, any day in Vashi. Do we charge something extra for the home service or doorstep service? Of course not. Can’t believe that? How about a test on that?

HP laptop repair shop near me in Vashi

The most authentic HP laptop service center near me in Vashi. That’s what you typed on the search engine. Right? Is it Google or Bing? We will pop up on your first page. Thanks to our consumers, they made us the best laptop repair shop in Vashi with their valuable feedback and reviews. Do your personal research on that. Or, you may know some of them personally as a neighbor since our operation is stretched over the entire region in Vashi. Avail our home service anytime, any day you decide, and we believe you would be the next person to give us fantastic feedback like others.

Apple laptop service center near me in Vashi

Search for the best Mac or Apple laptop repair shop near me in Vashi, and we will emerge in front of your eyes. We are happy to announce that all of our Mac users are incredibly satisfied with the work they receive, and that practice is not going to end. When you opt for the Apple laptop service center near me in Vashi home service options, you must know that we only send trained technicians on the field after passing some rigorous tests for sufficient practical experiences. What more is that our doorstep service is free for everyone. You can’t find any hidden charge out of the transparent price sheet you agreed to be served with.

Acer laptop repair service near me in Vashi

Your search for the most authentic Acer laptop service center near me in Vashi or Acer laptop repair shop near me in Vashi ends with us. According to our old consumers, our honesty and authenticity of using genuine products are always praised by everyone. If you are new in this city, you may have to go through all the user reviews to find a noticeable flaw in our service, if you can. If you are a resident here for a while, you must have crossed paths with one of our Vashi customers. We are that widespread of an operation you can find. Why don’t you ask your neighbor personally about our all-day-long home service functions?

Asus laptop repair shop near me in Vashi

We are the most trusted service you can find in the Asus laptop repair shop near me in Vashi search page. We didn’t say that, our service users did. Check yourself, and you will see. With the abundance of genuine spare parts, a well-equipped lab, and modern tools to diagnose the laptop issues, our large team in the NSS laptop service center in Vashi is quite capable of providing a quick solution for your laptop woes. You can avail of our onsite support in the Vashi main storefront, or you can wield the benefit of home services anytime without any extra charge.

Looking for the best laptop service center near me in Vashi or a laptop repair shop near me in Vashi home services? We got your back.

As you can see already on this page, the NSS laptop repair shop in Vashi operates everywhere in the most populated and oldest locality in Navi Mumbai. Starting from Sector 28 in North to Vashi Village and Vashi Railway substation in South, our technicians are residents from all over this place. Hence, they can always cover all the service calls in their locality in the fastest way possible.

Do you live in Parijat CHS, Shagun CHS, Manushruti CHS, or Panchdeep CHS Society in the North section or Sudarshan CHS, Shanti Shreyas CHS, Mahavir CHS in the South, or maybe Apna CHS, Vishwa CHS Society in the middle? Our technicians can reach your apartment within 15-30 minutes after you contact us.

If you are studying at Oriental Institute of Management, Evolve Business School, St. Mary’s Multipurpose High School and junior college, Agnel School of Law, Sacred Heart High School & Junior College, or some other institute in Vashi, search our contact details in the laptop service center near me in Vashi or laptop repair shop near me in Vashi page for home services. We can reach your house or hostel or any other venue anytime after your study hours end. For the entrepreneurs or employees from IBM, Hinduja Global, Aditya Birla Group, OfficeBing, DBS Business Center, The Corporate Park, BSEL Techpark, Cyber One, or in government sectors and hospitals like NMMC Head Office, CIDCO office, Vashi Municipal Hospital, MGM New Bombay Hospital, Rainbow Child Care or any other place, the offer to get your laptop fixed at your selected time is always open for the whole year.

Being a conscious citizen from Vashi, the members of the NSS laptop service center in Vashi take serious steps to recycle the e-waste for the sake of our society and environment. We request all our customers the same or ask help if needed.


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What is the warranty of your work?

We offer 1 month of warranty for the most critical jobs. For simple stuff, you can expect 1-3 months of warranty based on the process in hand.

All of our refurbished laptop models comes with a full 6-months of warranty. You can find us in the laptop service center near me in Vashi or Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi page for any laptop brand you are looking for.

How to fix my Dell laptop screen discoloration?

There are various reasons for this to happen:

  • A broken screen
  • A motherboard problem
  • Damaged Backlight
  • Cracked or losen display cable
  • Graphics chipset problem

First, try to connect external display with your laptop. If it seems fine, you may have to replace the display. Check here for more, or find us in your Laptop service center near me in Vashi or Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi page.

can you repair my laptop within one day?

Yes we can, if it’s a minor issue or a simple replacement. We start the repair service the very day you contact us.

If it’s a complicated issue such as a hard-core data recovery or fried motherboard, it may take some longer time than usual. In that case, we inform you about the situation before we proceed.

you can check our consumer feedback here or search in any browser for Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi or Laptop service center near me in Vashi or Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi, you’ll get all the details including user comments.

The network signal is breaking in my HP laptop. How to fix it?

Go to the “Device Manager”, then “Network adapters”. Right-click and select the specific connection. Uninstall and then reinstall it. See what happens after reboot.

If it’s not fixed yet, check here. Or find us in your Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi or Laptop service center near me in Vashi page.

Does Your Team have Trained Technicians?

Yes. We have been providing specialized training to each of our team members to repair any complex issues related to any brand of laptops.

Before we send any technician to each customer’s venue, they go through a series of rigorous tests to prove their ability in handling any adverse situation on both the professional and mental fields. Type Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi or Laptop service center near me in Vashi in any browser, and you will meet us.

My Lenovo laptop motherboard got damaged. how to fix it when I'm in a hurry?

Sometimes it may happen that a brand new laptop may trouble you with some motherboard issues. You may notice slow down from the beginning or complete failure within 100 hours of usage. It happens mostly due to some manufacturing defects.

If you have warranty, you can contact authorized service or find us in your Laptop service center near me in Vashi or Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi page. After a diagnosis in your home, we will fix your laptop quickly.

What if you can't fix my laptop problem?

Then we don’t ask you to pay anything at all. And after we diagnose your PC, if it seems not repairable by us, or may take longer time, we inform you immediately. We only proceed after your permission.

Check out us in your laptop service center near me in Vashi or Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi page, you’ll see the top rate of user feedback for our brand.

How to fix my Macbook Pro keyboard problem?

Tha latest generation keyboard design in Macbook Pro is creating more trouble to some users than usual.

Dust or debris may generate the issue you are facing. You can try cleaning them with compressed air spray and then restart the PC.

If it persists, check here or contact Apple. Or you can get a quick solution from our home service team. Find us in your Laptop repair shop near me in Vashi or Laptop service center near me in Vashi page.

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Laptop & All in One Computer Machine Repair & Service Price List in Vashi Navi Mumbai Maharashtra

All in one machine (in Rs)Laptop (in Rs)
Repair/Replacement of Screen1500 to 75002000-8000
Keyboards/Trackpad Repair or Replacement300 to 2000300 to 2500
Motherboard Service2000 to 65002000 to 6500
Battery/CMOS problems300 to 500500 to 4000
Hard drive problems350 to 4500350 to 4500
OS Installation or Software Upgrade & Virus Removal300 to 6500300 to 6500
Data Recovery1000 to 100002000 to 12500

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