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Technology has advanced to a great extent with new innovative applications everywhere. Laptops are becoming a necessity in the present era and headphones provide additional benefits, increasing functionality of laptops. Headphones can be used with laptops for numerous purposes. With headphones, you can enjoy listening to music while completing your important work, which makes you more productive as well.

But what if, your song is left in between as your headphones stop working. You will surely get annoyed and irritated by the sudden stoppage of your headphones. Your laptop headphones jack not working is going to increase your problems and your frustration as well.

Why Are Laptop Headphones Not Working?

The different issues which may cause interruptions in the working of your laptop headphones may include:-

  1. Cable may be damaged
  2. The headphone jack is causing problem
  3. Bluetooth connectivity shows issues
  4. Inability of syncing audio with video

How to Fix Laptop Headphones Jack Not Working?

Fixing the laptop headphones jack which is not working is not any herculean task to do. You need not worry much as you can solve laptop headphones jack not working issues by yourself. There are many ways to fix it which are quite easy. Let’s have a look at the methods to fix laptop headphones jack issues:-

1. Plug In the Headphone Properly 

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Sometimes the issue of headphones not working could be extremely small like plugging the headphones incorrectly. Make sure that the headphone is plugged in appropriately. The right plug must be inserted in the right jack. The headphone plug and the headphone jack are similarly color-coded – Green. Sometimes, the jacks may have symbol – headphone symbol. You need to recognize the exact headphone jack and thereafter appropriately plug the headphone.

2. Check the Volume

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Often, there are volume issues with your headphones. Either the volume is too low or mute, due to which you are unable to hear sound from the headphones. To check the volume intensity and make it audible:

    1. Go to the sound icon present on the lower right corner of the screen.
    2. Click on the speaker icon to unmute the headphones.
    3. Select the volume slider and move it at least halfway up for proper sound.

It will be helpful in troubleshooting your issue of laptop headphones jack not working.

3. Update the Audio Driver

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If your audio driver is out of date or wrong, it may also cause problems with the laptop headphones jack not working.

    1. Click “search”, next type “Device Manager” and lastly sound, video and game controllers.
    2. Thereafter, go to your audio driver and right click on it.
    3. Select the update driver option.

4. Check the Headphone Settings

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The headphone should be set as default playback device .Whenever you plug in the headphone, you need to set the headphones as default. For doing so, you may follow the given steps:-

    1. Go to the sound icon present on the lower – right corner of the laptop screen. Right click on it and then click on sounds.
    2. Select the Playback tab. Then unplug and re-plug the headphone in the headphone jack. Check that the Headphones are rightly checked. And thereafter click ok.

5. Check the Audio Format.

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If the audio format does not match with the default settings on your laptop, there can be sound issues as well. For changing the audio format, follow these steps:-

    1. Go to the sound icon located in the lower right corner of the laptop screen. Right-click on it and then select sounds.
    2. Click on Playback option. Right-click as directed: – Headphones and then Properties.
    3. Select Advanced. A drop-down menu appears select desired format from the list and then click test.
    4. Lastly select apply and then OK.

6. Uninstall Any IDT Audio Device

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Sometimes, if you have installed any IDT audio device it may cause issues in headphones jack. For uninstalling IDT audio device:

    1. On the keyboard of your system, press two keys simultaneously: R and The windows logo key.
    2. Type and paste the following in the box – appwiz.cpl. Then click – OK.
    3. After that, go to IDT and right-click on it. And finally click – Uninstall.

7. Clean the Headphone Jack


If your headphone jack is clogged with lint, dust or dirt then it may cause error in the headphone jack.

    1. Power off the laptop before cleaning the headphone jack.
    2. Use a clean cotton swab to clean the jack efficiently.
    3. Start by inserting the cotton swab in the jack and then carefully swirl around to remove any dirt or lint, if present.

8. Enable the Headphone (Windows)

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At times, if your laptop consists of two audio devices – built-in-speaker and an external speaker as well, you must choose a default device. As both the audio speakers will not work simultaneously, you are required to choose one. For enabling the headphones as default device:-

    1. Go to the sound icon present on the taskbar .Right click on it, a drop down list appears from which you need to choose the sounds tab.
    2. Select the Playback tab .From there; right click on the icon showing the headphone device. Choose the enable option.

Laptop Headphone Jack Not Working In Chrome Book

To troubleshoot the issue of laptop headphone jack not working Chrome book, you can follow various methods given below:-

  1. Securely Plug In The Headphones

This silly seeming solution can sometimes solve the problem of headphone Jack not working in chrome book at once. If the headphone jack is not fully plugged in the chrome book, you can face sound issues.

So you must ensure that you have pushed in the headphones jack efficiently. A click sound will give a clear indication of the jack being inserted correctly.

  1. Close the Lid of Your Chromebook

Sometimes, when the chrome book does not recognize the audio devices, it can cause problems in working on your headphones. You can fix this problem by following steps:-

    1. Firstly, remove the headphones from the headphone jack on your chromebook.
    2. Then, close the Chromebook lid and wait for approximately 10 seconds.
    3. Plug in the headphones again in the audio jack.
    4. After opening the chrome book lid, it will rescan all your audio devices.
    5. Your Chromebook will then surely recognize the headphones among other audio devices.

If the above method doesn’t works, you can follow an alternative method as well:-

    1. Turn off your Chromebook after unplugging the headphones.
    2. Plug your headphones again into the jack.
    3. Next turn on your Chromebook.
    4. The Chromebook shall then rescan the different audio devices.


  1. Check The Volume Settings

The sound settings are present among the different icons on the right corner of the screen. Go to your account profile located at the extreme right .A window appears which shows the information about your chromebook.

Make sure that the volume is high and unmute the audio if it’s muted. You need to check the output settings as well. The output settings must show “headphones”, while you are using the headphones.

  1. Try Clearing The Cache

Sometimes, the laptop headphone jack not working issue can be solved by clearing the cache. To do so, follow the given steps:-

    1. Go to your browser and click in the button showing – chrome settings .The button is located at the uppermost right corner of the screen and is represented by three horizontal lines.
    2. Select ‘tools’ and then ‘clear browsing data’.
    3. Click on the icon to clear information showing – “From the beginning of time”.
    4. Choose the “Empty the cache” option.
    5. Lastly, select “Clear browsing Data”.
    6. Turn off the Chromebook and again restart it.


  1. Disable All The Different Extensions

Few faulty extensions can lead to the headphones jack not working issues on your Chromebook. You can try disabling all the extensions to ensure the working of your sound. Then, you need to re-enable these extensions step-by-step sequentially and check the sound effect.

  1. Reset the Chromebook

This step should be your last option as all your data will be wiped off from the Chromebook. Firstly, carefully backup all your data and then go on resetting your Chromebook. Follow the given steps to reset your Chromebook :-

    1. Go to the account profile picture located at the bottom right corner of screen.
    2. Select the “Settings” option which opens a window displaying various options.
    3. Choose ” show advanced settings” present at the window bottom.
    4. Search for the label showing – ‘Powerwash’.Select the “reset” option.
    5. A new window appears and lastly clicks on – ‘Restart’ option. Your Chromebook will then restart safely.

Laptop Headphones Jack Not Working On Macbook

There are various methods to solve the issue of laptop headphones jack not working on your Macbook. Few of them are :-

  • Check the System Sounds

    1. Go to the “System Preferences” option. Select “Sound ” and then “Output”.
    2. Carefully plug in your headphones.
    3. At the bottom of the screen, go to the ” Output Volume”
    4. Go to the mute button and uncheck it.
  • Re- toggle the Headphones Jack

Presence of red glowing light indicates that the problem of “laptop headphones jack not working” lies in the jack itself. You may use a toothpick to solve the issue. Insert the toothpick inside the jack and poke it around and wait till the light goes off.

  • Reset the PRAM

    1. Restart your Macbook.
    2. Hold the following four keys simultaneously:-
    3. Command, option, P and R.
    4. Keep holding the keys until PRAM resets.
  • Use the Correct Port

    1. Go to the sounds control panel
    2. Select the sound output tab
    3. Make sure that for output you are using the audio port.
  • Perform SMC

    1. Plug in your headphones inside the headphone jack, then shut it down.
    2. Perform a SMC reset ( System Management Controller)
    3. Reboot your Macbook.
    4. Afterwards remove the headphone jack

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