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Possessing a laptop isn’t a choice but a necessity these days. As a result of increasing workload in every field, using a laptop turns out to be the best choice for making our work easier and quicker. And when it comes to choosing the perfect brand, HP laptop brings with it the ideal option for providing quality services to the users.
Along with purchasing the laptop, we should have adequate knowledge about its warranty including its warranty period, how to check the HP laptop warranty and how to extend the warranty period because, in the long run, these options are a must to know for the effective working of our laptop.
When our laptop starts showing some worrisome signs involving hardware or software, that’s the time we think about the warranty and how to check HP laptop warranty comes in our mind.

Duration Of The Warranty Period

HP basically provides a one-year standard warranty on the laptops. The period of the contract begins from the date of purchase or date of the lease of the laptop.
So here I am going to elaborate more on “how to check HP laptop warranty.”
It’s a super easy task, and you don’t have to put much stress on your mind for doing so. Checking the warranty can be done in various ways given below:-

How To Check HP Laptop Warranty Using HP Customer Support Website :

how to check HP laptop warranty Using Hp Customer Support Website :

  1. Firstly you should know the serial no. of your laptop, which is provided at the back or underside of the laptop.
  2. Go on the HP support website – link –
  3. Go to check the warranty option.
  4. Select the country or the region
  5. Enter the serial no.
  6. Click on check warranty.
  7. You will get all the details of the product along with the warranty status.

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How To Check HP Laptop Warranty Using HP Support Assistant ( For Windows)

Using Hp Support Assistant ( For Windows)

It provides built-in support for various activities, including “how to check HP warranty.”

    1. For using this method, a Hp support assistant should be installed on your device.
    2. If it’s not installed previously, then download it.
    3. Open the HP support assistant.
    4. On ‘My devices’ tab, select the ‘My notebook’ option.
    5. The details view will be opened and select the ‘Warranty and Services’ option.
    6. The warranty details will be displayed on the screen.


Using Hp Support Assistant ( For Android)

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    1. For using an HP support assistant in your android device, your laptop should be connected with your device.
    2. Install HP support assistant from Google play store.
    3. After opening the app, go to the “Warranty and Service Contracts “option.
    4. Click on it, and your laptop’s warranty information will be provided to you.

Using Hp Customer Care Helpline

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You can also check the warranty status of your laptop by using the customer care helpline numbers, provided on the official site. It provides a free of cost service.

What Does Your Warranty Cover?

Warranties just look easy on the outer surface, but it’s a difficult task to actually comprehend them. For using the above-given methods on “how to check HP laptop warranty“, we should be aware of what all things are included in the warranty and whatnot. HP provides free repair shipping which benefits the users in several ways.

  • Mostly it covers the manufacturing defects.
  • The defective parts can be repaired and replaced according to the situation.
  • The damaged parts and labours of repair are covered in the standard warranty.
  • During self-repair, if some damage occurs, it won’t be covered under warranty.
  • Upgrading the RAM won’t void the warranty.
  • Acts of damage, theft and breakage by users are not covered.
  • Broken or damaged screen, black spots and lines on the screen
  • Damage by a water spill
  • Damage by dropping of the product
  • Fire or electronic damage
  • Loss of internal data is not included in the warranty scheme.
  • Accidental damage is not covered.

Accidents are inevitable. For protection against accidental damages, you can opt for purchasing an accidental damage protection plan and enjoy the benefits of this plan. Get 24/7 help for the accidental damages. Support from technicians is available 24/7 via different modes including calls, chat and emails. Repairing is done without any extra cost. All parts and labour cost is taken into account by the company itself.

Extension Of The Warranty:

Now when you are well versed with “how to check HP laptop warranty”, it’s essential to know what to do next if your warranty expires soon. In that case, your next thought will run for extending the warranty of your laptop. For extending the warranty of your HP laptop, purchasing a HP care pack is the perfect option. Hp care packs provide a full warranty coverage solution. These are sold separately with extra costs. Warranty can be extended for 1-3 years depending on your interests. These HP care packs can ease our workload by extending and enhancing the previous original warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the HP laptop warranty run?
    Standard warranty of one year is provided with all the laptops. Purchasing HP care packs helps in extending the warranty as well as in upgrading the original available warranty.
  2. How do I find the serial number of my HP laptop?
    Serial no. can be founded on the backside or underside of the laptop. You can also use an HP support assistant for finding the serial no. Choose the My Devices tab in HP support assistant and all your product details, including the serial no. and product no. will be shown.
  3. Does the HP laptop warranty cover hard drive failure?
    No, memory damage and the hard drive failure are not included in the standard HP warranty. Although the damage to the cable connectors and ports will be covered in the warranty .
  4. Does the HP warranty cover the physical damages?
    The physical and accidental damages are not covered by the HP warranty. But you can purchase an accidental care pack which will cover the external physical damages like spills, fires and electrical surges.
  5. What does the HP care pack include?
    The HP care pack not only extends the duration of your warranty but it also enhances and upgrades the features provided in warranty. Along with it, you get technical support from a team of professionals. Advanced data protection is also provided with an HP care pack.
  6. Can HP laptop warranty be transferred?
    According to HP, the warranty is transferable only with the provision of the original sales receipt. Warranty service may be transferred beyond the original purchaser.
  7. What are the steps of claiming the HP laptop warranty?
    You can submit a dispute for validating your HP warranty if it shows incorrect details of your product. For doing so, go to the HP customer support website and click on the option for checking the warranty. Enter your serial no. and click on check warranty. The warranty details will be shown there. If you find that the details are incorrect, click on the ‘Dispute this ‘option. You will then be required to fill your contact details on a ‘contact information’ form and from the given options, choose the ‘dispute reason’. You will be asked to upload the “proof of purchase ‘. Click on ‘choose file” and upload your file. Finally, click on ‘Dispute Warranty ‘. The warranty status of your laptop will be reviewed, and after that, HP customer support will contact you.


This article has covered all the basics you need to know about “how to check HP laptop warranty”. From checking the warranty to extending it, it will help you in answering your queries related to HP laptop warranty.

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