5 Common Laptop Issues And Their Solution

Nowadays, the Google search engine is crowded with the search for common laptop issues and their solutions. And why not, during this sudden pandemic, computer dependency has grown more than ever. Whether it’s a study purpose or work. In this scenario, if your laptop stops working in the middle of a class or meeting session, it becomes the worst nightmare sometimes. Hence, you must check regularly for laptop issues and their solutions before any important event.

Besides, there is a risk of losing data as well. Although, there is an option of cloud storage to save your data, still, you may lose some of the important data in any way. It is very difficult to undergo problems occurring on a laptop. Even the best laptop and computers turn out to be a fault, so you should know how to deal with the common issues.

Here, we have talked about some of the most common laptop issues and will present you with some solution as well.

Common Laptop Issues and their solution

Loud fan or heating up followed by shut down

While discussing the common laptop issues and their solution, we have selected the most common one we all face at least once in a lifetime. Everyone makes use of a laptop and carry them anywhere they want. This leads to limiting air consumption to the fan. By this, it provides a lot of opportunities to carry dust and other particles into their cooling system via the fan doorway.

Solution: Try to use your laptop on rough surfaces. Always try to avoid placing it on soft surfaces that may block the air passage. Clean the fan portal with compressed air. Try to run single programs at a time because running multiple programs makes your work harder.

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Laptop running slowly

This is such a common problem that it was hard to decide which one should be considered first while talking about the laptop issues and their solution. This problem occurs most of the time and could also be related to the hard drive space or any kind of component failure.

Solution: There are many options to get rid of this problem. You should take care of the essential problems occurring on the laptop. Avoid consuming more space, try to run a single program, take care of the charging portal, etc.

The battery doesn’t last

Well, the third position among the discussion on laptop issues and their solution is crowned to the battery problem. Because this is one of the facilities laptops offer over a desktop, right? Being wireless. But we are in constant fear of losing our battery charge. We mainly focus on our battery backup.

Solution: The first thing we need to do is to check our charger cable connection to be sure they are comfortable to be used. It is possible that your AC adapter may be reason for the bad health condition of your battery, as described in Dell Support. You can also check your battery health on the manufacturer company’s website.

The next step is to trench your battery completely and again put in charge until it dies. One of the best solutions to fix the problems is to trench the energy from it and tries again and again. If it results out to be failed then you must change your battery.

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No internet

When a laptop is having an internet connectivity issue, it is really so disappointing. It stops all of your work sudden and it is really important to fix this issue ASAP. Laptop most of the time lose internet connections which can be a major issue. Before facing any kind of component failure, try some basic steps:

Solution: Mostly, on many of the laptops there is a wireless switch or button to activate the connection and make sure whether it is in the ON position. Then again re-boot your system and again using the technique to trench the power out, unplug the router, let all the charge drain out for 10-20 seconds, and then again plugin.

If you still face difficulty in running the internet connection then troubleshoot your network in your control panel. The final step involves is re-build your network from the beginning to make sure that all the connections are set up properly.

Black screen

You switch on your laptop and notice the screen is black.

Solution:  Detach the power and remove the batter, and then hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. Again attach the power cord and re-boot. Again shut down, attach the battery, and re-boot.

We hope this article was useful for you while searching for common laptop issues and their solution. But they can’t cover all the laptop issues you face day by day. In that case, please feel free to connect us here in NSS Laptop Service Center. We will be happy to help you in no time.

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